Your Turn: Your Feedback On Pencil Assault, Fort Drum & School Closure


A 12 year old Beaver River Central School student is accused of stabbing another student with a pencil. The Lewis County Sheriff's Department charged the student with third-degree assault:


Students have the right to feel safe at school. The parents did the right thing by going to the police.

Patti Tomlinson

Just a kid's trick. I can't believe the police getting called in to this.

Susanne Bush

I was stabbed with a pencil. We handled the issue internally with the other family.

Michele Face

The Army released a report showing what would happen if Fort Drum lost 16,000 soldiers and civilians. The military is required to ask the public what the impact of deep cuts would be:


Ft. Drum drives the economy here in Watertown. Many businesses would close and many jobs would be lost.

Peg Wilson

Housing values would plummet.

James Barker

We survived before they got here and if need be, we will survive without. North country people are survivors.

Kelly Lynne

We just had to give huge tax breaks to out of town builders so they could throw up hundreds of cheap apartments in order to save Ft. Drum.

Charles Florence

After 40 years, St. Marguerite D'Youville Academy in Ogdensburg closed its doors for the last time:


It's a terrible shame to see our last Catholic school closing. Catholics in our community should have supported the only school we had left.

Robert Wells

It is good that children will not be indoctrinated with religion anymore. We need to think for ourselves.

Jon Elliott

Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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