Your Turn: Your Feedback On Protest, 'Obamacare' & Sequestration


People from the north country went to Albany last week to join thousands of other gun advocates to protest New York's new gun laws:


The ones that passed the law are probably inside looking out laughing! If the state revenue decreases, we will be listened to. Stop buying...state lottery tickets.

Ken Arie
from email

I'd like to see a crowd of as many camo jackets and caps rallying against the destruction of our school systems.

Bob Leroux
from Facebook

We were exercising our freedom of assembly, free speech, petition for redress (and) right to keep and bear arms.

Chris J. Henderson
from Facebook

The Affordable Health Care Act is just months away from becoming reality. We asked what so-called "Obamacare" will mean to you:


We were doing just fine with the insurance we have.

Todd McDonald
from email

That sounds really bad - poor working people getting health insurance.

Doug Osborne
from email

We have no choice in the matter. It can't get much worse.

Sheila Orchard
from Facebook

Sequestration is now the law of the land. Under the $85 billion in cuts, federal workers will be forced to take furloughs:


This is going to have wide effects here in NNY. I'll lose my 20% and personally that's going to hurt a lot.

Elene Nemergut
from Facebook

Federal workers will get their back pay when it is settled just like they did before.

Karen Miller- Rickard
from Facebook

The Republicans and the Democrats both want sole credit for solving this crisis. I have a novel idea. Everybody come together and everybody gets the credit.

Bennie Yerdon
from email

Ridiculous!! I'd like to see cuts starting with their salaries!

Ann Marie Vorhes
from Facebook

Sunday, December 11, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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