Your Turn: Your Feedback On Suspension, Common Core & Black Friday


The biological mother of a Massena high school student says a six month suspension from school for drug use is "too harsh."  The woman said her son was one of several students who were accused of taking the prescription drug Xanax in school:

There are too many parents out there that think their kids can do no wrong or should be given a slap on the hand. This woman is a prime example. The punishment is "too harsh"? As far as I can tell it wasn't harsh enough.

Chris Wainwright


It's sad to know our school districts are just tossing kids out instead of helping them.

Melissa Netto


He should be in jail.

Steven Barker


Just wish they treated BULLIES with the same vigor.

Jeanine Cornaire Cantrell

We received a lot of feedback about reporter Asa Stackel's three part series on Common Core, the new set of higher standards in schools:

It was rolled out too quickly, the modules make no sense, teachers are being stripped of the ability to TEACH, and parents have no idea how to help their children with homework!

Patti Morrow


Teachers desperately want to get back to teaching to instill knowledge. Teaching to the test is not how we want to spend our time, but our hands are tied.

Vince O'Driscoll

Instead of waiting for Black Friday to kick off the holiday shopping season, some retailers opened on Thanksgiving to draw customers through their doors:

Kinda defeats the purpose of Black Friday!

Paul Chretien


Greed in the retail industry is destroying our major family holiday. Makes me sad.

Elene Nemergut

Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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