Your Turn: Your Feedback On Trumpeter, Fluoride & Canadians


Should fluoride be added to the water supply? A local woman says no and wants the Watertown to stop:


All water should have it. Those who don't like it can always buy their water from a store.

Earl Wood
from Facebook

Only eight countries in the world...fluoridate tap water. The citizens of these countries also have...the highest rates of arthritis and thyroid disease, both side effects of excessive ingestion of fluoride.

James Reeves
from email

Walmart has done it again - silenced another Salvation Army bell ringer. This time he's a professional trumpet player:


Why would you ban tasteful music that can raise sales and help a very worthy cause?

Wendy Falvey
from email

He should definitely be allowed to play an instrument there.

Ethan Tweedie
from email

Consider boycotting Walmart. Send a message to a corporate giant that is trying its hardest to destroy the spirit of Christmas.

Tracey Haggett-Sloan
from email

They give thousands of dollars away yearly to local non-profit agencies. You people seriously need to look at the big picture. Walmart does not have to allow these bell ringers onto their property.

Nicole Tibbles Villalobos
from Facebook

To save on shipping, many Canadians are having their internet purchases sent to the UPS Store in Ogdensburg for pickup. As a result, business there is booming:


It's not fair to the local community to have to wait in line behind Canadians. If they're not a U.S. citizen, they shouldn't be allowed to get their mail shipped to the U.S.

Bill Tuttle
from email

Anything to help our economy and put people to work is good.

Florence Ford
from email


Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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