Your Turn: Your Feedback On Unmarked Cars, Psych Center & More


State police are using unmarked cars to nab drivers who are texting:


This is an excellent idea.  If I had a nickel for every person I saw driving down the street on their cell, I could retire very comfortably.

Stephen Solar
from email

That's funny since cops are the worst offenders for texting and driving. Can I pull them over and give them a ticket? It's only fair.

Kirsty Murphy
from Facebook

Let's ban radios, food, smoking, GPS, kids, makeup, along with the cell phones.

Dennis Smith
from Facebook

We've been told...if an unmarked vehicle tries to pull us over to not do so until in a safe area or verified by calling 911. Are we going to get arrested in those cases?

Nora Miller
from email

I won't pull over for any unmarked vehicle nor will anyone in my family.

Mark Reynolds
from email

Under a state plan, child and adult inpatient services would be be no longer offered at the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center in Ogdensburg:


This is a disgraceful decision. There are people needing the care that will no longer be provided HERE. Very sad day.

Sharon Perkins Dafoe
from Facebook

I'm thoroughly disgusted with our state administration. Perhaps they should look at a map. The state doesn't end at the Thruway!!

Shannon Mattice
from Facebook

The controversial "Roommate Law" is back in the news. For zoning purposes, the Watertown Planning Board recommends defining a family as a number of people who live and cook together:


How about just scrapping the law and calling it a day?

Peggy Bevz Nuñez
from Facebook

Defining the "family" as people who live and cook together is a good solution that shows they are listening to the majority.

Shannon Gonzalez
from Facebook

My husband doesn't cook so I'm assuming he will be moving out.

Heather Pummill
from Facebook

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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