Your Turn: Your Feedback On WHS Dances, DWI Pleas & Taxes


Risque dance moves, like twerking, have put Watertown High School dances in jeopardy. The school district is considering canceling them. Most of our feedback this week is about that:

Cancel them.

Amanda Lee


Have rules. Enforce them. Period.

Linda Weller

What is this Footloose? Let the kids dance!

Janine Smith

Maybe we should actually teach our children appropriate dances.

Patricia Sampson

It's my senior year.  Missing out on activities I've been looking forward to since I was younger because of a small group of students is ridiculous.

Katie Bresette

No plea deals. St. Lawrence County's district attorney has vowed to not reduce charges for some drunk drivers. She says there will be no reductions for anyone who has a blood alcohol content greater than point-ten percent, felonies or Leandra Law arrests:

I was hit by a drunk driver. It is about time more was done about drinking and driving.

Doreen Copeland

No plea bargains for sex offenses would be a better start!

Adam Dean

Removing the option of drug court, treatment, or alternative sentencing is foolish.

Storm Cilley

Jefferson County lawmakers say they might have to override the state-imposed property tax increase cap of 2 percent.  It's all because sales tax revenue is down and there are big expenditures ahead:


What a great idea! Raise taxes so residents can spend even less, therefore contributing less toward future sales tax revenue.

Mark Neukirch

Jefferson County doesn't have a sales tax problem, they have a spending problem,

Howard Schnettler


Saturday, December 10, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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