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By Jude Seymour

Good morning! Here is what is making news in the political realm:

North country

Obama's proposed budget would mean less for construction at Fort Drum, a lower raise for soliders and less money for community water and sewer projects. (WDT)

Watertown sits on a $13 million fund balance - and the mayor wants to give some of it back to taxpayers. (WWNY)

Lewis County legislators are considering providing tax relief for their villages. (WDT)

The WDT's Jamie Munks provides a comprehensive look of how local schools have managed state aid cuts in the past - and how they're not optimistic about funding this year.

Then again, proposed school aid this year is better than it was even four years ago. (WDT)

Two Oswego County schools are combining resources in anticipation of significant state aid cuts. (YNN)

Agriculture leaders are bemoaning proposed cuts to funding in Cuomo budget. (WDT)

Mayor Graham wonders aloud if Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush is trying to curry favor with agriculture leaders or working against Gov. Cuomo's "effort to instill fiscal reality." (MGV)

Even more about the clash between the state Health Department and local chili cook-offs. (NCPR)


How exactly will economic councils dole out cash to communities that lose prisons? The Empire State Development Corp. chair doesn't even know. (Capital Tonight)

The New York Association of Counties suggests ways to provide mandate relief. Their main target? Medicaid. (CapTon)

A state tax force finds a decade-old law to request mandate relief - that's only been used once. (Albany T-U)

NYSUT is "airing" a mock newscast to show their opposition to the property tax cap. (Albany T-U)

But a contingent of business owners the cap. (YNN)

Senate Democrats are pushing a six-point plan for ethics reforms, more financial disclosures and public financing of campaigns. (Albany T-U)

Eric "Show Me The Money" Adams is backing away from his call for legislative pay raises. (CapTon)


Hillary Clinton says the U.S. backs an individual's "right to connect" to the Internet. (Politico)

A scorecard of Obama's budget proposal. Winners: Tea partyers, education advocates, the Treasury. Losers: Liberals, poor people in cold climates, the EPA. (Politico)

The president wants to cut Health & Human Services spending for the first time in 30 years, but proposes no fundamental changes to biggest cost drivers: Medicaid and Medicare. (NYT)

Obama's budget also proposes a tax on companies that took federal bailout money. (Politico)

Clinton says proposed GOP budget cuts would hurt national security. (NYT)

The House extends three provisions of the Patriot Act they didn't find supermajority support for last week. (NYT)

Republican voters in key early primary states show tepid support for Sarah Palin. (Politico)

No potential GOP candidate for president is aggressively raising money. (Politico)

A PPP poll says a "whopping" 56 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump, who is considering a bid for president. (Politico)

Club for Growth backs a candidate for a Senate race that is still 21 months away. (NYT)

Republicans who spoke at CPAC this past weekend occassionally strayed from the facts, but mostly spent their time offering their low opinion of the current administration. (FactCheck.org)

Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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