Rank and File: Feb. 24, 2011



By Jude Seymour

Good morning! Here are your headlines.

North country

Jeff-Lewis BOCES has a plan to save money and jobs. They're taking their ideas to Albany. (WWNY)

Sen. Charles Schumer wants to cut taxes on small breweries. (WWNY)

Agriculture advocates say the state should rethink cuts to programs that help current farmers and encourage future generations to farm. (YNN)

Ed Koch is going to rally with his reformers Tuesday in Albany, but it may be without any state lawmakers from the north country. (WDT)

Rep. Bill Owens gets a first-hand look at a $13.5 million expansion at Fulton Thermal. (YNN)

The congressman sits down with WSYR, where he discusses gas prices, jobs at Fort Drum and House Republicans' cuts to Planned Parenthood.

The attorney general recoups $11,000 from a Watertown scam artist. (WWNY)

Listen to the Wednesday version of "The Hotline," Mayor Graham's noon-time talk show. (Newzjunky)


How high could gas prices go? $4? $5? A bajilion dollars? (YNN)

A Republican in NY-26 is seeking the Conservative Party's backing in the NY-26 special election. (Politico)

"I told him this is not the 23rd district. It’s not the Hoffman situation, we don’t have a liberal running." (Albany T-U)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposes doubling the length of a typical special election to accomodate military voters overseas. (Albany T-U) (Also: CapTon)

The GOP majority is blocking Senate Democrats' attempt to co-sponsor Cuomo's redistricting bill. (Albany T-U)

New Q poll: Majority of New Yorkers still think new governor is doing a good job. (CapTon)

Second Q poll: Staggering 85 percent of NYers think teachers should be laid off based on merit, not seniority. (NY Post)

Rep. Chris Gibson's advisory panel for creating clean energy jobs is being blasted by the DCCC. (Albany T-U)


Obama reignites a simmering social issue by instructing federal lawyers to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act. (NYT)

House Republicans are warning Senate Democrats that they'll avert government shutdown only if funding bill includes House-passed cuts on a pro-rated basis. (NYT) (Also: Politico)

The NYT profiles life on the run for Democratic state lawmakers fleeing tough votes in Wisconsin and Indiana. (Also: NY Post tackles same subject.)

Schumer wants all gun sales - even private transactions - to include a background check. (The Hill) (Also: YNN)

House Republicans take aim at environmentalists - and take low-income military veterans as collateral damage. (Politico)

Sarah Palin will travel to India next month. (The Hill)

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