Your Turn: Your Feedback On Repeat DWI Offenders & Horse Tail Theft


By Diane Rutherford

A Gouverneur teen was killed in an accident last week. Authorities say the driver of the other vehicle, Robin Fowler, was seen drinking before the crash.  Fowler was arrested before for drunk driving. 

We asked for your thoughts on what to do with repeat DWI offenders:

"How about, for starters, not letting them drive anymore.  Repeat offenders of this nature are clearly incapable of being responsible for themselves -- let alone for the safety of others.   That idiots will keep acting like idiots is not surprising. What is shocking is the gross negligence of our prosecutors and judges who keep handing these people keys."

Randy Streu

"A person should be given an opportunity to correct his mistakes. In the case of drunken drivers, the second offense is when the courts should throw the book at them to prevent this type of thing from happening."

Betsy Stone

"They should lose not only their driver's license but also their right to buy alcohol. Their license should be physically surrendered and replaced with a conditional ID that identifies them at grocery checkouts, liquor stores and bars. They have proven that they lack the maturity to handle alcohol."

Carol Goldie

A Dexter woman says she's furious that someone cut off the tails of three of her horses and wants to warn other horse owners about the problem.

Here's a sampling of your messages:

"The person who took the horses' tails should be charged not only with theft but also animal cruelty."

Eva Waters

"Horse tail hair is very valuable. With fewer horses going for slaughter today, there may be less hair available on the market. Have you checked eBay? Your horses' tails may show up there!"

Laura Dorr

Friday, October 21, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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