Your Turn: Your Feedback On Rockefeller Drug Law, Stuart Moss & CSEA


By Diane Rutherford

Sweeping changes are proposed for the state's Rockefeller Drug Law.  The plan would allow treatment and counseling for low-level offenders.

Here are some of your emails:

"I oversaw treatment at the first US prison accredited for substance abuse, then at the world's largest such program, with an initial 88% success rate. Treatment works. Jail can get you addicted to jail."

Roland Van Deusen

"This will not work. The only way a treatment program will work is if the person is willing to change. Most of them are not."

Jason Demers

"Even more money could be saved and billions in additional revenue obtained if New York were to take a page out of California's book with respect to cannabis."

Ron Turbide

Stuart Moss, who allegedly gunned down a friend as well as the police chief of Dexter in 1987, could be released from a psychiatric facility in Syracuse.

Here's a sampling of your messages:

"What are they thinking! He will always be a threat to our community and society."

Faith Youngs

"What a joke for police officers who risk their lives to get such wackos off the street and have them back out…thanks to the system."


The Civil Service Employees Association says Governor Paterson's threat of layoffs won't make the union budge when it comes to renegotiating its contract.

Here's what some of you had to say:

"HURRAY FOR THE UNION!! Perhaps more should be doing the same."

Claude Denis

"It was great to hear our governor stand up to the CSEA. Once the CSEAs in our country lose their union clout we should be back on the road to economic recovery."

Ken Ashley

"The little guys have been bled to death. If you want to save money, start at the top with all those making over $100,000."

Beverly Bush

"They should be glad they didn't work in the private sector and had their hours cut or job eliminated because of the tough economic times."

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