Your Turn: Your Feedback On Hacketts, State Layoffs & School Lawsuit


By Diane Rutherford

Hacketts Department Store in Watertown is currently making plans to shut down operations by the end of May.

Here are some of your emails:

WHAT A SHAME! Hacketts had excellent quality merchandise at very reasonable prices.

Vinton & Valerie Tarrant

I am not surprised that Hacketts is closing. Everyone I talked to thought their prices were too high.

Bill Bartram

That end of town does not have the traffic to support an isolated store - which is most unfortunate for those of us who live on the east end.

Anita L. Lee


Governor David Paterson is asking union bosses to make concessions or else layoffs will go into effect July 1. However, the Civil Service Employees Association says it won't budge.

Here's a sampling of your emails:

To absolutely refuse to negotiate and stand firm when the entire state is in dire straits is not acceptable. I applaud Governor Paterson's standing.

Chris W. Gardner

Great, over 2000 lost in Corrections.  Maybe the governor would like to have a few inmates over for guests, since there will be no one watching them.

John Harris

I'm glad we're not giving in to political pressure.  I work hard for my bi-weekly paycheck.

David M. Fortin

Indian River High School is being sued for allegedly having an anti-gay bias against a student and her brother.

Here's what some of you had to say:.

If any generation is ready for tolerance of homosexuality, it's ours. Our administration just doesn't seem to want to acknowledge it or help promote it.

Indian River Student

This lawsuit is unjust and seems like an act for attention.

Indian River Graduate

I applaud the family and Lambda for standing up for what is right.

Mark Crosby

I don't believe that any school district should be forced to have clubs promoting any kind of sexual orientation, gay or straight. What does this have to do with academics?

Name Withheld


Wednesday, December 7, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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