Your Turn: Your Feedback On Swine Flu, Obama's 100 Days & Fire Department Bequest


By Diane Rutherford

Swine flu has been in the headlines both internationally and locally.  We asked for your thoughts:

"The World Health Organization estimates that the "regular" flu kills upward of 500,000 people per year worldwide and that it infects between 3 and 5 million more.  Where is the uproar and concern over this? Why does the CDC not seem to take the yearly outbreak of the flu as seriously as they are with this virus?"

Danny Mainville

"Because the media is scaring everyone from this horrible "swine flu", people are panicking. It's absolutely and utterly ridiculous."

Robert Greene

"It seems to me that nobody is taking this seriously."

Brenda S. Bickford


Due to swine flu, some colleges in St. Lawrence County are thinking about doing away with handshakes as graduates receive diplomas.

Here's a sampling of your emails:


"Come on - you don't get sick from shaking hands! You get sick from putting fingers in your mouth after shaking hands with someone who has active germs on their hand."

Roberta M. Brown

"How stupid! If there is an epidemic in the area at graduation time, then cancel."

Cathy Corrice

President Obama marked his 100th day in office.  We asked how you would grade him:


"Poor. He is driving us to a socialist state."

Debbie E. Elliott

"A B+. He has been aggressive and putting things into action on many different fronts."

Kim Richards

"My grade would be F.  Democrats need to learn that you do not solve problems by throwing money at them."

Larry D. Hosmer


The Brier Hill Fire Department will receive a substantial amount of money from the estate of a Hammond man.

Here's a couple of your messages:


"The Brier Hill FD should consider themselves fortunate and I hope they use the money wisely."

Dan Wells

"I have in my will left a large part of my estate to a small town fire department in St. Lawrence County."

Bryan F. Given


Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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