Your Turn: Your Feedback On City Property Battle, State Senate & Hospital Layoffs


It looks like there could be a bidding war over a piece of Watertown property no one has really ever wanted.  The city-owned land on Haney Street is wanted by both Friendly's Restaurant and Mattress Express. Friendly's already had a deal to buy the property, but the owner of Mattress Express offered more money.

Here's what some of you had to say:


The city of Watertown should make it a point to put all property that it acquires up for public auction.

Steven Duffany


The city was ready to sign the deal with Friendly's, which was in good faith and should finish the deal.

Lawrence Compeau


Let the property go to auction and the best man win.  Why should the city settle for less money?

Paul Johnson


The month-long standoff in the state Senate came to an end last week as Bronx Senator Pedro Espada, who defected to the Republican camp, flipped back to the Democratic party.

Here's a sampling of your emails:


I hope every person in the state remembers this fiasco and votes against every current member of this senate in their re-election bid.

Charles Brown


The thing that surprised me most during this entire stalemate was that the senators forgot one key thing: the people of New York control the Senate!

Charles Poirier


They should not receive any pay whatsoever for the days that they did nothing but fight.

Catherine Whalen


Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center says 28 people will be losing their jobs on July 22, with 9 having their hours reduced or jobs switched at certain points of operation.

This is what some of you had to say:


The layoffs scare me because I am permanently disabled for health reasons and my wife is now our sole breadwinner.

Thomas Rivet


Administration needs to look at its own payroll.  Don't cut the little people.

Tamara Graveline

Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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