Your Turn: Your Feedback On Texting Ban & More Down Time For Soldiers


By Diane Rutherford

Governor David Paterson is expected to sign a measure into law that will make it illegal to text, play games or surf the Web while driving.

Here are some of your emails:


I agree with the idea of outlawing texting and other such distractions. I don't understand how anyone could think they were safely operating a moving vehicle while texting.

Alma Carman

No matter how many laws are passed these young kids and others are still going to text message and talk on their cell phones while driving.

Debbie Duprey

How can you enforce the law if you can't obey the law! I see the police drive and talk on cell phones all the time. Are they exempt from the law?

Leland Kellner

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told Fort Drum soldiers last that he's working on getting them more time at home between deployments.

Here's a sampling of your messages:


We have been hearing for a few years now that time at home will get longer but we don't see it happen. We just keep seeing deployment time increase. Twelve months, 15 months at home is just not enough time when you are gone a year.

Name Withheld

I guess the government does get something right. It's the least they (we) can do for our veterans.

F. Young

Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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