Your Turn: Your Feedback On Booby Trapped Playground, Construction Bids, Overpass Problem & More


By Diane Rutherford

Two teens were arrested for allegedly booby trapping the Morristown Central School playground with razor-like blades. One person was injured.

Here are some of your emails:

I am a mother of 4 kids that frequent that park. I just can't believe this happened in this quiet little town.

Heather Pratt

If it was my child that did this, I would ask that he be treated as an adult in the court and punished.

J. Stevens

I hope whoever is responsible is given some kind of help because clearly something is wrong with anyone that would do something like this!

Ilene Paro

There are hundreds of millions of dollars worth of jobs on Fort Drum local contractors aren't allowed to bid on. The companies are being shut out of some jobs because they're being given to native corporations in Alaska.

This is what some of you had to say:


This is a true crime against local construction businesses. This is the reason why affirmative action programs are really just a sham.

Name Withheld

They are working with smaller subcontractors and benefiting the local workforce. They don't bring in outside labor, they hire locally.

E. Smith

Massey Street's Route 81 overpass was damaged last week after a truck slammed into it. The overpass is on the state list for repair or replacement.

Here are some of your messages:


The bridges have been that way for over 50 years; and the people are just noticing the problems now? It took them long enough.

Colleen Grooms

The state is clearly at fault - after all they designed the overpasses, not the drivers.

Dan Riley

Does someone have to die before something is done?

Kenneth Calhoun

The descendants of War of 1812 hero Zebulon Pike have changed their minds about digging up their ancestor's body in Sackets Harbor.

Here's what one viewer had to say:


Thank you, Pike family for thinking of others and not opting for disinterment of your heroic ancestor. May General Pike and his comrades in the cemetery rest in peace.

Michele Register

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