Your Turn: Your Feedback On VA Clinic, P&C, Mammograms & Wind Power


P&C employees are on notice.  If the grocery stores aren't sold, they will likely close by February 15.

Here's a sampling of your emails:


Canton P&C price gouged every customer.  I sure won't miss them.

Robert Foster

I can count on P&C for good sales and many lower priced items. I hope Penn Traffic finds the buyer they need.

Rhonda Bosworth

I work at the P&C in Potsdam.  If I lose my job, I am going to be upset because I work with a lot of nice people.  Hopefully they will find another buyer and keep all of us employees.

Jessica Cook


We received dozens of angry emails over Carthage Area Hospital losing its contract to operate the VA clinic. A Washington, D.C. company is taking over and setting up a new clinic in Watertown.

These are just some of the messages we received:


The services provided by this clinic are in some areas superior to my primary provider.  This is...a travesty.

Robert Peebles

Carthage, I salute you for the excellent care you have given both my husband and myself.

Jamie Brassard

I know for some people this will be a problem with travel but for me it's a matter of only five miles and will be happy to see it return to Watertown.

Edwin Smith

This is terrible. I have a good relationship with the staff at the Carthage clinic.

Bruce Burgess

The take the contract away from Carthage Area Hospital for no apparent reason smacks of cronyism or a payoff or both.

Neil Pierce

I am worried about the transition to the new folks and what happens between now and then.

John Whitenack

Welcome to government run health care.

Charles Florence


A government task force says most women don't need a mammogram in their 40s and should get one every two years starting at 50.

All of the emails we received were similiar to these:


I was diagnosed at age 43 with breast cancer. I am alive today because I had early detection!

Lynn Miller

If my doctor had waited until I was 50 to order a mammogram, I probably would not be a survivor.

Edith Bigwarfe


Our special report "Living with Wind" took a look at the pros and cons of living near wind turbines.

Here's a couple of your messages:


The wind turbines are amazing. They are quiet, environmentally clean and much better looking than any other type of power plant.

Derek Dzugas-Smith

Your report was out right biased. You reported all the positives of wind farms at 6 pm which is prime time and announced that you are reporting the negatives at 11:00 pm when many people have the TV off.

Muriel Barkley


Friday, December 2, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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