Your Turn: Your Feedback On 'Cash for Appliances' & Storm Wood


Call it "Cash For Clunkers, The Home Edition." The federal government has approved New York state's plan to give rebates to people buying energy-efficient appliances.

Here's a couple of your messages:


Our LOCAL businesses and economies are the ROOTS of the country's financial tree. The government has to stop trying to 'stimulate' an economy that has no money to spend and nurture the ROOTS!!!

Michael Gondek Jr.

Here we go again - stimulate the economy.  If people go out and buy foreign-made, we are helping China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc.

Doug Daniel

Storm Wood, a Watertown teenager who is virtually housebound with muscular dystrophy, is hoping to drum up support for a makeover of his home.

Here are some of your emails:


Storm and his family are an ever-present example of perseverance. Through struggles and hardship, the Woods family works together and finds the good.

Nikki Gill

It's sad to see anyone - especially one so young - having to live in conditions such as Storm. I pray he is able to get the help he needs.

Colleen Grooms

This family deserves all of our help. This would help them all live just a little happier. Please support them.

Karen Mikos

If Extreme Makeover doesn't make it happen, then the community of Watertown will make it happen!! The Woods live in a house smaller than the average family and this community can pool funds together and make a difference.

Theresa Sullivan-Eassa

Rhonda's Footeworks is holding a benefit for Storm in Lowville at 2 next Saturday. The show is called Holiday Surprise. It will be held at the Lowville school. No charge at door, donations accepted.

Lorie Goodman

Sunday, December 4, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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