Your Turn: Your Feedback On Pension Checks, Mercy Problems & Wind Project


A postal service snafu has caused thousands of state retirement checks to be delayed in the mail.

Here's what some of you had to say:


These retirees need to turn to direct deposit with their financial institution.  At least you know it is there and you're not waiting for the mail.

Nancy Mills

Just one of the many screw ups the post office has done lately.

Penny Moore

Poor retirees. Gotta wait a couple days for a check. How about us workers that have gone from 40 hours a week to 19.

Daryl Loterbaugh

Union workers at Mercy of Northern New York are on notice that their health insurance benefits will be canceled January 31 because their employer is three months behind on payments.

Here are some of your emails:


My ex-husband is an employee at Mercy and has had his child support payments deducted out of his paychecks...and I have yet to receive any payments.  It's not fair.

Mary Gregory

Hold fast. There is money. It just depends where the parent company wants it to go.

Sandra Pitts
Former Mercy Employee

Mercy pays 100%?  No wonder they quit paying. Greedy union employees kill another employer.

Dave Martin

Another outrage perpetrated on the hard working and dedicated staff of Mercy by an inept and probably corrupt administration.

Valerie LaClair

Saying more details needed to be worked out, the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency asked county lawmakers to take no action on the PILOT for the proposed Galloo Island wind project.

Here's what a couple of you had to say:


These projects need to stand on their own financial merits and should not be given huge tax breaks.

Charles Florence

The county, town and school will be getting millions they don't have now. This seems like a no brainer to me.  Why the hold up?

David Fleming

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