Your Turn: Your Feedback On P&C Closing, O'Larry's Dolls, Highway Dept. & School Layoffs


Nearly 60 workers at the Ogdensburg P&C supermarket will lose their jobs next month when new owner Tops Friendly Markets closes the store in the Seaway Shopping Center.

Here are some of your emails:


I've worked for over 30 years at Ogdensburg P&C and now find myself having to start over and also trying to find insurance for my family.

Patrick Wiggins

With our prison on the chopping block too, what's next?

Debbie Burke


Some people who live in Great Bend are concerned about O'Larry's Dolls.  The owner says he's turning it into a juice bar open to anyone 18 and up and the women will wear bikini bottoms and pasties covering their breasts.

We received plenty of comments:

O'Larry's Dolls exploits and degrades women.

Keith Kilgore

I have no problems with this type of establishment. The guy is just trying to make a living.

Terry Dake

Close it down. We do not need this type of "entertainment" in our community.

Linda Garrett

Another witch hunt is in the making.
Wren Thomas

O'Larry's...brings down the value of residential property around it.

Name Withheld


The report is out from state officials who inspected the St. Lawrence County Highway Department. Out of 33 violations cited, 24 were classified as "serious". However, one county lawmaker says the violations aren't as bad as they sound.

Here's what some of you had to say:

How can a legislator possibly say that they were not putting their workers in harm's way? They sound like pretty serious violations to me!

Michelle Grimshaw

They should be happy they even have a job.

Ken Hitchman

If these violations are not severe, then answer me this - why am I sitting at home with a cervical spine injury and can't work anymore?

Jerry Crossett


Some staff members at Sackets Harbor Central are being told to expect layoffs because next year's budget news is already so grim.

Here's a sampling of your emails:

The teachers that we have heard who maybe affected are great role models. If state aid is not restored, this will be a huge loss to our community.

Bobbie Browne

Perhaps it is time for these small schools to start thinking about merging with larger schools and saving the taxpayers money.

Susan Bowers

Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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