Your Turn: Your Feedback On Vigliotti, moe.down & Gas Prices


There are more than 600 signatures on a petition to remove General Brown Central School District Superintendent Steve Vigliotti from office.  Meanwhile, 7 News obtained 22 letters from the board of education that praise Vigliotti.

Here's a sampling of your emails:


Either the board of education is not listening to the taxpayers, or they are going to do what THEY want to do regardless of how the majority feels.
Mary Wilson

Since the administration changed to the "V" days, all we hear is good employee resignations and internal problems. Sure seems like "V" is the problem.

Gregory Jones

It is sad it has come to this. I don't think most people realize how difficult it is to find decent administration these days. It is like the Salem Witch Trials all over again.

Adam Brooks

After a decade of bringing music and tourism dollars into the Lewis County community of Turin, moe.down is moving the annual music festival to a new location outside the north country.

This is what a couple of you had to say:


Can you blame them for not coming here? Would you go where you're not welcome time after time?

Larry Bush

I hope the Lewis County Legislature will pass legislation immediately that will stop activities like moe.down from ever returning. I'm sick of paying my tax dollars to support drunks and druggies.


The price of regular, unleaded gasoline has topped $3 a gallon in St. Lawrence County.

Here are some of your comments:


You know darn well that the main reason for higher prices is the inventories are being kept artificially low.

Arthur Wilson

When will gas companies ever learn the more they charge, the less we drive?

Robert Tebo II

We in Scotland are facing the same problem with the price now going to $7.75 per U.S. gallon.

Peter Perrin
Formerly of Gouverneur


Tuesday, December 6, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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