Your Turn: Your Feedback On School Layoffs & Union Concessions


All of your feedback this week is about New York's money woes. We begin with your emails on the Watertown School District's plans to cut 19 jobs:


I just don't understand. The governor cut money for education which lays off teachers and aids and increased the money spent on conjugal visits to prisoners.

Tom Cost

Billions for war, killing and destruction.... a few pennies for education.  To make it all worse, our government is wasting hundreds of millions trying to EDUCATE people from these warring countries.

John Moody

Lose the fat in the office...the non-instructional positions, and let the teachers do their jobs.

Bob Grunert

Staffing has increased, but school enrollment has dropped across the state. So these cuts to the budget and "extra" bodies are just scaling back to a realistic support staff.

Lewis Goutermout

District officials won't confirm it, students are telling 7 News that the WHS business department is especially hard hit by the layoffs.

Here's a sampling of your emails:


Watertown High School is nothing without this department.  They teach students the skills they need to get a job and what you will need to know to complete projects in college.

Allison Cleaver
WHS Junior

The business classes that I have participated in...have guided me on my journey of choosing a career. I've learned how to write a proper resume and how I should act and dress while at an interview.

Sahkenya Pleasant
WHS Junior

I have yet to meet a teacher in my life that wants to listen to me the way that our business teachers do.

Alicia Soluri
WHS Junior


Governor Paterson is reportedly threatening massive layoffs if state unions don't make contract concessions.  

This is what a couple of you had to say:


The unions should realize that sometimes times are tough and maybe, just maybe, they should be thankful they even have a job!

Richard Ekman

Gov. Paterson should not be putting the blame on the unions. When these contracts were negotiated, that money was part of the NYS budget. Why is he scrambling to find this money? It should have been set aside. That is what a budget is.

Name Withheld


Tuesday, December 6, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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