Your Turn: Your Feedback On Aviary, SmartBuy & Volcano


The board of directors for the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park wants to tear down the 30 year old aviary exhibit. Most of your emails this week are about that:


The aviary is a great part of the zoo. People are too quick to tear down & rebuild. Why waste what's already there?

Margaret Frier

Taking the aviary down in a zoo would be a foolish and costly mistake.

Granger Watson

I remember contributing to a fund, not more than two or three years ago, for improvements to this facility.  What did they do with the contributions?

Robert Sharrott

Spend the money, fix the aviary and stop worrying about "what looks nice". It is an awesome facility that should be saved - for heritage as well as displays.

Michael Comet

It's not like it's some historic structure. It was built in the 70's for goodness sake. Stop making it into some structure that needs to be saved.

Gina Fields

SmartBuy abruptly closed its store at the Salmon Run Mall after learning the State Attorney General's Office would be investigating its business practices:


I strongly support our military men and women and the Attorney General's directive. However, many civilians were also taken advantage of by this company.

Peggy Sepko

A volcanic eruption in Iceland has blocked many flights in Europe and is making it harder for north country residents to return home:


We came to visit my sister in Aberdeen, Scotland, so at least we are at her house and not at the airport like hundreds of others. My son likes the fact that he gets an extra long spring break, but in the meantime, he will be missing school and I will be missing work.

Krizma Helm

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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