Your Turn: Your Feedback On Pay Freeze, Dock & Wind Power


An Albany think tank has an idea for saving the state some money. The proposal is to freeze the pay of every government worker on the state and local levels:


The problem in NYS is not with the public employee unions. It is with a bloated bureaucracy and government leaders that are unwilling or unable to govern.

Robert Cilley

Typical union cry babies only care about themselves and their mighty contracts even if it means their friends and neighbors lose their jobs.

David Holden

I don't want a furlough or my negotiated pay raise withheld. I would entertain cost savings by reducing WASTE and stupid spending by many divisions statewide.

Johnny Mac
State Employee

Poor state workers and politicians might not get a raise. Join the club. I have not gotten a raise in over 20 years.

Franklin Kenyon Jr.

Some marina owners are upset that federal money is being used to build boat slips in Clayton. They say it will hurt their businesses:


Let me get this straight. State parks and campgrounds that families without boats can drive to are being shut down, but you can get a federal grant to cater to those people who can afford a boat.

Susan Pepe

Taxpayer monies for this is sinful.

Neil Belair

There's trouble brewing for north country wind farms. The New York Power Authority won't buy the electricity the wind farms will be putting out:

I have never seen so many narrow minded people in my 75 years as now. People must enjoy relying on foreign oil. Wind power is the ultimate choice they should be making instead of putting up roadblocks.

Shirley Ashley

The whole deal is a scam. Wind is not efficient, nor is it a producer of power. If not for the subsidies of money, no one would ever do this.

Tom McMullen

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