Your Turn: Your Feedback On Furloughs, Dissolving Village Government & TV Ban


State Legislators approved giving state union workers furloughs. However, a judge has blocked the plan for the moment:


If the state can run with everyone taking one day off a week, then the state could run on one/fifth its current number of employees.

John Denney

Why don't they take one day a week pay out of the welfare checks? Why pick on the working man?

Scott Wheelock

I am a displaced employee from River Hospital and I hate to see anyone out of work, but who has the better deal here - the state workers who lose one day's pay, or those of us who have lost our entire livelihoods and possibly our homes?

Name Withheld

A better idea would be to cut back on some of the top management at the state level.

Vinton Tarrant


People in Waddington will soon have the chance to decide if they want to keep or eliminate the village government:

What we need to do is reduce state and federal government and return the authority and resources back to local government. Sharing some cost saving services makes sense but that's as far as it should go.

Randy Lambrecht

All villages should consolidate - anything that would bring down the taxes that are killing this area.

Joyce Adair

The plug has been pulled on televisions and personal laptop computers being used in some village departments in Tupper Lake after some trustees felt workers were abusing their privileges:


If village employees don't have enough work to keep them busy, perhaps the village should consider making the full-time employees part-time, or perhaps even reducing some staff. Then they can watch TV all they want at home.

Rick King

You're dealing with adults not children. Taking their toys away when they are bad is a punishment for kids. Management needs to grow up too!

Lewis Goutermout


Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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