Your Turn: Your Feedback On Gas Prices, Massey Bull & More


Even though oil prices have taken a nosedive, the north country hasn't seen rapid relief at the gas pump:


When the price of oil goes up, right away the price of gas goes up. What about the gas that was all ready in the holding tank? Why is that price going up? Wasn't that purchased at the lower price?

Paul Thorp

Who should take the blame for our gas prices? The big oil companies who make 8 cents profit on a gallon of gas? What about the government pointing their fingers at big oil, demonizing them while they make 76 cents a gallon?

Kevin Shampoe

A state plan to regulate outdoor wood furnaces is stirring up controversy:


Outdoor wood boilers need regulations that need to be followed. Too many people take advantage of burning the wrong wood or fail to keep proper maintenance on them.

Anita Riordan

Next someone will be outlawing grills that are used for cooking and there will be no campfires allowed.

Michelle Fuller

Watertown officials say the bull on top of Massey's Furniture Barn can stay despite a complaint that the statue violated zoning laws:


It's nice to know a piece of Watertown's history and many memories for all have been saved.

Suzanne Bourgeois

It's a waste of taxpayers' money to even have pursued it this far.

Tamara Streeter

Just goes to show ya, mess with the bull and ya get the horns!

David Harris

I'm glad I found this out. We might have walked into the furniture store expecting a steak dinner.

Thomas Hamilton

Watertown officials say cracks in Public Square's crosswalks will likely become an annual maintenance monster:


What "idiots" agreed to have synthetic asphalt put in Public Square? This is the north country for God sakes, you know, winter six to seven months out of the year. Duh...

 Susan Reed

Friday, December 2, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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