Your Turn: Your Feedback On Layoffs, TI Park & Inventor


We begin this week's Your Turn with your emails on Governor Paterson's plan to lay off thousands of government workers at the beginning of 2011 to help balance the state budget:


State employees are no more sacred than any other employee. Most businesses are trimming to survive.

Alan Whitcomb

Oh, sure.  Let's battle our high unemployment rate by laying off thousands of workers. That should fix things.

Brian Hoyt

People who live in Thousand Island Park on Wellesley Island are getting a 700-thousand dollar tax refund after several lawsuits and an out-of-court settlement:


Some of the TI Park residents feel overtaxed? They are largely spared compared to some of the neighboring jurisdictions.

Jim Robbins

NYS will favor the wealthy and the working class pays the bills.

Lawrence Brown

Albert Abromowitz of Fort Drum says he has invented a device that will stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico:


God bless him! We need more people like him with ideas on how to solve tough problems.

Ralph Myers

Nothing else we've tried has worked.  There is no harm giving it a try.

Elizabeth Franche

While Mr. Abromowitz is to be commended for his "invention", it is the same idea which has been used for MANY years to plug "wet" holes in the mining industry.

An Old Balmat Miner


Sunday, December 4, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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