Your Turn: Your Feedback On Smoking Taxes, Earthquake & Teachers


New York state will soon have the highest cigarette taxes in the nation.  Lawmakers voted to add another $1.60 to the tax on a pack of smokes:


It is very unfair for a select group (smokers) to be singled out and taxed like this.

Terry Provance

This tax will only encourage smuggling.

Daniel DuFlo

Go ahead and tax.  Let the people decide what's more important - the price of smoking or the clean air you can breathe (priceless).

Linda Devore

I quit smoking and I believe raising the cigarette tax will be a great incentive to stay that way.

Dale Ward

The state plans to begin enforcing the collection of sales tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products sold on Indian reservations to non-natives September 1.  Native tribes are expected to try to block the tax:


Haven't we done enough damage to the Native Americans?

William Andrus

It's about time the Indians started to pay taxes on cigarettes sold to non-Indians.

Michael Savage


Teachers in the Massena Central School District held rally after officials announced sweeping reassignments for the coming year:


I wish I could say I felt sorry for the teachers, but they are out of control with their salaries and benefits.

George Wright

These switches make no sense and will not benefit anybody in this community.

Nancy Moore

An earthquake measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale was felt across the north country last Wednesday:


I am from California and I was in the 1989 quake when the Bay Bridge collapsed.  It was a complete shock when I was sitting in my office in Ogdensburg. I knew that feeling oh so well.

Janet Claxton

It felt like a freight train went through the building.

Helen Moller

First time in my life I felt one. Wow!!!

JeriAnn Biro

Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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