Your Turn: Your Feedback On Flag Flap, Plant & Anne's Anniversary


Last week, anchor Anne Richter celebrated her 30th anniversary with Channel 7:


Congratulations, Anne!  Hard to believe it's been that long.  You look the same as you did when you started!

Macreena Doyle

Congratulations on your most wonderous anniversary.

Rex Warner

There's controversy in Deferiet, where Old Glory flies with a flag of the defunct St. Regis Paper Company beneath it:


It took a naturalized citizen to speak up about the breach in flag etiquette? Perhaps that's because so many of us born American take what the flag represents for granted. Good for her for reminding us.

Susan Hedrick

The St. Regis flag should NEVER have been flown for a few days, let alone for a few weeks, below the American flag. If the mayor is so intent on "preserving" it, then why not display in a public, protected area?

Gail Hubbard

What if it was a Canadian flag that was flying below Old Glory? Would that person be knocking our northern neighbor? 

Weldon Papineau

If it is that important to fly the historical flag for St. Regis Paper Company, can another pole be purchased?

Scott Niles

Why should we pay tribute to a company that went bankrupt and skipped out on its tax bill, leaving a hulking mess for the community to deal with?

Mark Sheppard

A potentially dangerous plant called 'Giant Hogweed' may be back in the north country:


Good news for those folks: that is not Giant Hogweed. It looked like Cow Parsnip.

Greg Hart

Though still a significant skin irritant, its seeds are more heart shaped, leaves are small and less incised.

Nichelle Billhardt

(Agrees that the plant is Cow Parsnip)


Wednesday, December 7, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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