Your Turn: Higher Taxes, Room To Park, And No Bull, Please


Diane Rutherford is off tonight, so Brian Ashley dug deep into the virtual mailbag for your comments, which had a decidedly St. Lawrence County emphasis to them.

it's going to cost more to shop in St. Lawrence County because sales tax is going up. Governor Cuomo signed legislation authorizing the county to raise it's share of the sales tax from 3 to 4 percent. The additional revenue is supposed to drop property taxes.

Fred Jock writes "Our county will squander the money...I will see no property tax decrease.,..mark my words."

And Joe Burke commented via Facebook, "So now it will give those people in St. Lawrence county an even bigger reason to shop in Watertown. Tax in Jefferson County is a 1/4 percent point less."

The Village of Potsdam is planning to put an RV park off Pine Street. Not everyone is happy.

Tom Rivet writes "I consider it silly, myopic and short-sighted to create an RV park in any populated area. That's not what campers want, they won't flock to this park."

And Tammy Bradley notes "Personally, I don't see what the attraction would be. It's a parking lot and a very small beach. I drive out of town when I want to take my kids to the beach."

A Macomb woman is frightened to come out of her house, afraid she'll be attacked by a bull and some longhorn streer being allowed to roam in her neighborhood.

One anonymous poster wrote "She should have someone stay around and shoot the animals that are scaring her. One cow or bull would put a lot of meat in her freezer. If the owner can't control his animals, he deserves to lose a few."

April McIntosh writes "I am not sure what laws govern cattle, however there are leash laws in most towns pertaining to dogs so I would think there should be laws pertaining to cattle running loose all the time."

And finally, from Marcia Wilson Harmon Martin: :Steak anyone?"

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Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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