Your Turn: Of Christmas, iPads & Bathrooms


Diane Rurherford is off for a little while, so Brian Ashley is hitting the 'Your Turn' mail bag.

This week, the early start to Christmas shopping, unisex bathrooms at a local college and the rise of iPads at Copenhagen Central School were on your mind.

Christmas first: we reported last week that north country stores are putting out the Christmas decorations already.

That prompted Rae Lamon to write "I'm sad that Christmas has become so commercialized. Stores keep pushing the season earlier each year to get people to buy more. It is time to get back to the basic meaning of christmas--it is not the gifts!"

Theresa Tuttle asked  "Why can't they wait until we get through halloween then start putting out their Christmas? Don't they know that if they push it sooner our little ones will stop believing in 'you know who!'"

And Pollyanne Newton lamented "I think everyone is losing the basic idea of Christmas. It's the same old thing every year, only worse. Money, money, money. What ever happened to people celebrating Christmas for what it really represents?"

Unisex 'gender neutral' bathrooms: we reported Jefferson Community College installed several bathrooms for men, women and transgender people after two issues arose last year, including an inquiry from a transgender person about which bathroom to use.

Our viewers were just fine with the idea.

"It's kinda silly," offered one viewer." These "multi-use" bathrooms have been around for many years. No matter what sex you are, use it if you need to. No big deal."

Said another: "I think it is a good idea.When we go to Stewart's and stores like that, we use a bathroom that is shared. I believe bathrooms likes these give a person more privacy."

And viewer James Lucas added  "It's a good idea. Most, if not all, hospitals have them. They are single use, so there is no problem with mixed patronage. It makes it much easier for all."

And at Copenhagen Central, students in grades six, seven and eight, have all been issued personal iPads for reading, to get their assignments, write and edit them and hand them in.

Travis Feisthamel noted "I think it's good that a local school district is getting with the times. iPads make school exciting for kids and they are more apt to learn that way."

On the other hand, Matt Bailey, writes "Oh sweet, let's give $500 electronics to 13 year olds, and then realize that they know a lot more about them than you could imagine. What could possibly go wrong?"

And if you're Heather Marie Wormwood's child, sorry - you're out of luck. Writes Heather: "That's cool. But i'm not buying my child an iPad for school :).

Brian returns with more of your comments next Monday.


Monday, December 5, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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