Your Turn: Taxes, Firefighters, The D.A.

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With Diane Rutherford off, Brian Ashley sorted through the Your Turn mailbag for this week's comments on a variety of topics.

First up: signs of progress in St. Lawrence County's long running struggle to raise its sales tax to four percent.

Jon Putney, the chairman of the St. Lawrence County legislature, appeared on 7 News This Morning and said he's hopeful.

That prompted viewer Jeff Payne to write "Raise sales tax, let everyone take responsibility for it."

Amanda Barstow Reif added "I agree - raise sales tax. Oh and give back the iPads!" (We reported that county legislators are getting iPads through a federal grant.)

And Nicholas Friot wrote "Agreed, let's not make property owners shoulder the burden alone, or eventually you won't have property owners to carry that burden when the properties around here start going back to the counties and villages for back taxes."

In Newton Falls, 18 of 23 volunteer firefighters found themselves locked out of the fire station in a dispute over how much training they need.

Lisa Lawrence wrote on Facebook "If the rules were known to them and ample opportunity provided, what choice is there really? The rules are the rules. Yes, it puts a burden on a small town and people are busy, but what can you do?"

Lisa Moore noted "Both of my sons are volunteer firemen -- it's hard to do the training due to people's work schedules. The majority of the classes are at night but when young people go to school, work evenings and want to help their community it's hard to fit all that in."

And Don Martin wrote "If they can't meet the requirements, then I guess it's time to move on. Merge the fire district."

Jefferson County district attorney Cindy Intschert is taking the first step to reviewing how the county sheriff's department handled the Deputy Adam Hallett case, and - possibly - to prosecuting Hallett.

The D.A. is seeking a county court ruling as to whether there's a conflict of interest that would prevent her office from pursuing a case against Hallett.

Lana Alexander wrote "Stop giving special treatment to those doing wrong simply because of their jobs and/or their names. If it's wrong for the average person then it's wrong for EVERYBODY."

And Abbie Hammond posted "First step?!?!?!? It's been four months!"

(By the way, as of Monday afternoon, there was no decision from the court.)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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