Your Turn: Your Feedback On Budget, Debris, Cheerleading & More


The proposed Watertown city budget calls for a tax hike of more than 20 percent:


Way to push people out of living/owning in Watertown.

Tammy Tink

Raising taxes is NOT THE ANSWER...controlling spending is.

Frank Battista

To save money, look at the top salaries of administrative positions or redundant services.

Fred Goslin

Is there ice storm debris waiting to be picked up in your neighborhood? Watertown crews are hard at work, but there's still a lot to do:


They should create temporary employment.  The community would have the debris cleaned in a timely fashion.

Jason Cousino

I wish they would pick up the debris...left between the sidewalk and the street first! Tired of my vehicle getting scratched by tree limbs reaching out into the street.

Laura Leisner Lenander

A California man has been accused of creating child pornography with three girls in Jefferson County:


I am beginning to think that the internet should be kept from children until age 16, or even 18.

Deb Bogenschutz

Where were the parents? Obviously not talking to these girls.

Larry Baxter

New York state now officially recognizes competitive cheerleading as as sport:


As a former cheerleader, I can attest to all the hard work and athleticism that is required for this SPORT!

Lori Queor

It's not a sport.  They are there to cheer on the athletes.

Ezra Stevens

Guess I have a hard time understanding how people didn't think it was a sport before.

Kathy Rosbrook Goodwin

Taxpayers are burdened enough without adding another sport to the school system to support.

Robert Wells

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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