Your Turn: Your Feedback On Crows, Water Woes & Old Masonic Temple


When Copenhagen implements a new water system in a few weeks, people outside the village lines will be cut off.  They asked the town of Denmark to develop its own water district, but officials said it wasn't their responsibility:


Dig another well and pay for it like everyone else has to. I get so darn sick and tired of hearing people's complaints when IT IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

Susan Reed

This is outrageous and typifies out of control government and bureaucracies.

Mary Lovett

We live one foot outside our local village limits, and therefore pay a 25% surcharge on our yearly water bill. Perhaps Copenhagen could do something similar.

Jo-Ann Lyndaker

Things are looking up for the old Masonic temple in Watertown now that it has a buyer:


It's fabulous that wonderful building will find a new life.

Susan Pepe

This project has so much potential for bringing cultural events and perhaps jobs and revenue to Watertown.

Thomas Collins

Watertown may turn to pellet guns to kill some of the thousands of crows that converge in the city:


I would not mind if they shot them all.

Donald Quencer

Leave the crows alone. Haven't we tampered with nature enough?

Michael Dean

If I saw 25 of my buddies shot, I would seriously consider leaving town.

Dave Missert

Why not shoot a fake crow or decoy to send the same message?

Allison Carlos

There are..."tree shaking machines" which vibrate trees to make harvesting of some fruits and nuts easier. It seems they could shake the trees...which could enhance the...scaring.

Tami Petrus

Why not invest the money on a power washer and clean the mess?

Jackie Crowner

Just cut the trees down or set them all on fire.

Carl Parody

Offer a 25 cent bounty per bird and let the hunters do the work.

Terry Dake

Leave it to a governmental agency to come up with such a genius idea of shooting our problems away.  It sure worked pretty well in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Steve Brule

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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