Your Turn: Your Feedback On Drunk Driving Bill, Office Complex & Internet Brain


Should a driver lose his license for good if convicted three times for drunk driving? Under a proposed state law, the answer would be yes:


It's a good idea. Three strikes, you're out.

Michael Guyton
from Facebook

Why wait till the third time?  It only takes 1 accident to kill somebody or severely hurt someone.

Gary Neddo
from Facebook

The effort needs to be put into real prevention and not a new law to be ignored.

Steven Barker
from Facebook

Lewis County is considering building a $10 to $13 million office complex in order to house all county services under one roof:


We need to consolidate all those offices into one building.  Believe it or not, it actually might even save our taxpayers money.

Raymond Moser
from email

It's sad that the county is even considering such a project, when there are county employees who have been working without a contract for two years.

David Farney
from email

To move all of these county workers out of downtown Lowville to a site out of town when there are two huge burn-holes in downtown is a crying shame.

Christina Schneider
from email

A new study suggests overuse of the Internet could have the same effects on the brain as drugs like cocaine.  We asked for your feedback on our special series "The Internet Brain:"

When you sit down in front of a computer, you turn your brain on.

Chuck Mitchell
from email

Well, of course it's bad for us. Isn't everything? Our nature in today's society is to find fault in everything we do.

Clay Ashley
from Facebook

By spending hours and hours on the internet, it changes our cognitive function and can be as addicting as any drug.

Kimberly Grant
from email

Help me, I just snorted my space bar key!

Timothy D. Cook
from Facebook

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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