Your Turn: Your Feedback On EMTs, Milk Prices, Winter & More


A required test for Emergency Medical Technicians is in jeopardy. The state has yet to renew its contract with the company that provides the test and local rescue squads are getting nervous. Plus, the state apparently hasn't paid the testing company for about a year:


Would you be willing to continue to provide a service if you hadn't received a paycheck for a year?

Mike Moses

Why should this surprise anyone?  The Bureau of EMS has been decimated by the Cuomo administration's budget cuts over the past four years.

Storm Cilley

If Congress fails to pass a Farm Bill this month, we could see a gallon of milk cost around $5:


I would pay $5 for a gallon of milk.  The farmers have a hard time keeping their farms going as it is with such low prices.

Janet Aldrich

I would buy a few cows myself before I paid $5/gallon of milk.

Ciera Felix

By not settling the farm bill, the farmers and the consumers will suffer, which will lead to unemployment and needing public assistance. Way to go Congress!

Kimberly Meyer Slate

Governor Cuomo unveiled his proposed budget last week. Cuomo is calling for full-day pre-kindergarten in every school:


As a teacher, I am all for pre-k in every school.  However, FULL day is crazy!

Maria Boak Dumas

He's a communist! He wants pre-k so that they can indoctrinate at very early age.

Stephanie Badi

Have you had enough of the winter which has brought us an ice storm, heavy snow and frigid temperatures?


Loving it!!!!

Adirondack Dar

I hate winter! I wish I would win the lottery to go on a vacation.

Maria Schatz


Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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