Your Turn: Your Feedback On Electric Bills, Zeller & Flights


When you opened your March electric bill, you may have needed to sit down. Most National Grid bills have been up this winter and they were way up last month even if you used the same amount of electricity:


I used the same amount of electricity in January as February and was charged $258 more.

Colter Whitmore

Price gouging plain and simple.

Creig Daph Phelps

The attorney general should look into this.

Scott Akey

These are ridiculous raises and based on nothing more than a utility seeing a way to line their pockets at the misery of people struggling to survive.

Cheryll Terrance

Bobbi Jo Zeller, the St. Lawrence County woman who made up a story of having a sick child to scam a woman out of money, was found guilty of grand larceny:


Good. Put this scumbag in jail where she belongs.

Chris Wainwright

It's people like her that make it hard for people to give to those who really need it!

Wendy Mogel

Will commercial flights from the Watertown Airport to Philadelphia be as popular as flights to Chicago have been? That's the question being asked with the destination changing beginning May 8:


Love it. Connecting to/from Raleigh will be so much easier.

Paul Richer

It's been so convenient to fly from Watertown to my hometown of Dallas with the Chicago stop. It's going to be longer and more difficult to fly through Philadelphia.

Sheila Farrell Gober



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