Your Turn: Your Feedback On Explosion, Clock Tower, Rare Bird & More


There was quite an explosion in Massena last week, but it took the posting of a  YouTube video several days later for the media and the public to find out about it:


I'm appalled that this information wasn't released sooner to the community.

Trevor Dugan
from email

Does the media HAVE to know everything?

Meredith Painter Dusek
from Facebook

Most of your messages are about the controversy over lighting downtown Watertown's clock tower green in honor of the Irish Festival:


It's a great idea to change the clock tower green.

Pamela Marcinkowski
from email

If the Irish Fest committee buys the bulbs and supplies the manpower to change the bulbs, I don't see the problem.

Lewis Goutermout
from email

Watertown lawmakers approved a $12,000 project to fix the fountains outside Flower Memorial Library:


Take them away. This city needs to fix other things like huge potholes in the roads.

Julie Smith
from Facebook

If the city can afford to spend money chasing crows or $10,000 on a consultant to figure out how to hire a manager, why not?

Steven Barker
from Facebook

Bird watchers drove for hours to Lewis County to catch a glimpse of a rare bird:


If all those people keep going up there, they are going to scare the poor thing away.

Jean Marie Benson
from Facebook

As a fellow bird watcher, this is exciting!

Laurie Weiman Lundquist
from Facebook

Last Wednesday, temperatures hit the mid 60s and plenty of people enjoyed spending time outside:


This warm weather is going to let me get back to work earlier. Construction crews are about to kick in gear.

Granger Watson
from Facebook

I got to hang out 7 lines of laundry, clean the yard and BBQ and eat outside in short sleeves! Loved it!

Kim Ross
from Facebook

Monday, December 5, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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