Your Turn: Your Feedback On Flood, Kayakers & Guns


Most of our coverage last week was about the flooding of north country rivers. Some of the worst damage was in Lewis County, where trapped dairy farmers were forced to dump milk:


Those poor farmers. That's terrible.

Lois Walrath Teller

It hasn't been that flooded in years!

Vanessa Sugrue

The Black River saw the third worst flooding on record. Officials warned people to stay away from the raging water, but professional kayakers were drawn to it:


As many lives as that river has taken over the years, why would anyone be so foolish to kayak on it at the worst possible time?

Ellen Brock

These men know exactly what they are doing. They kayak on rivers much bigger and faster than this.

Sara Daniels

They are crazy and going to cause someone to be hurt or killed.

Abbie Hammond

Perhaps before these professionals go intentionally into harm's way, they sign a waiver absolving the public safety professional of any requirement professionally or morally to attempt to save their professional behinds.

Daniel Gaumont

Please educate yourselves about our safe and enjoyable sport.

Matthew Larsen

You should be appreciative that you have a world class wave for world class paddlers and the whitewater community to utilize.

Dylan McKinney

Under the NY SAFE Act, people who have firearms classified as assault weapons were required to register them or face potential criminal charges:


This is ridiculous. They are no more deadly than a damn deer rifle.

Bobby Murrell


Jane Fischer

They're asking you to REGISTER your assault weapon, not asking you to give it up, thus this law is constitutional.

Ryan Smith

Sunday, December 4, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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