Your Turn: Your Feedback On Fluoride, Trucker & Goose-napper


Water in the village of Pulaski no longer contains fluoride. Dentists say the substance is essential in strengthening teeth in growing kids. But, village officials say removing it will save the village's aging water pipes and save money:


Fluoride is an important addition to drinking water for several reasons. Pulaski is doing its water consumers a disservice.

Gary and Sue Pilon
from Facebook

Pulaski's dentists are in denial of the truth! Fluoride damages permanent teeth permanently because children who overdose on fluoride when they are toddlers and young children run the risk of getting dental fluorosis.

Joy Warren
from email

Fluoride in toothpaste provides more than enough for cavity prevention.

Brad Kershner
from Facebook

If dentists are worried about it, let them pay for the fluoride.

Adam Dean
from Facebook

Lowville trucker Bob Suiter of B&T Excavating is helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Three of his heavy trucks are among those hauling away tons of debris from Rockaway Beach on Long Island:


God bless this trucker that is helping NYC in their time of need.

Ilene Paro
from email

Did he and his drivers have to join a union to help?

Larry Pratt
from Facebook

Ten geese -  some quite rare - were stolen from a farm in Rodman last week. The owners put the word out on Facebook and the birdnapper returned the geese the next day:


Great to hear that the internet helped a great deal with the thieves bringing back these beautiful geese.

Lana Alexander
from Facebook

Guess those geese-nappers chickened out. Probably afraid that the police might cook their goose.

Gary Trombley
from email

Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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