Your Turn: Your Feedback On Guns, Medal & Jobs


New York lawmakers passed the nation's toughest gun control law. Most of your messages this week are about that:


The gun control laws are getting a little carried away. Recertification for handgun owners is ridiculous. I have been a handgun owner for almost 40 years and served as a police officer.

Michael Russell
from email

Our forefathers fought the Revolutionary War to escape the tyranny of their English lords. Now the tyrant Governor Cuomo makes criminals out of innocent citizens in haste during the dark of night.

Joseph Lamendola
from email

I support Cuomo's legislation.

Rob Grant
from email

All it'll do is regulate the law abiding citizens while criminals do as they please.

Carole Watson Moore
from Facebook

I am proud to live in New York State! This legislation went through quickly and with little to no bickering! Impressive! It's obvious that almost all of our state Representatives value life.

Margaret Cardinal
from Facebook

It took more than six decades, but a severely wounded Korean War veteran from Ogdensburg finally received the Bronze Star medal for serving his country:


It was late to get the medal, but at least he was recognized for his bravery and his service to his country.

Kenda Mattice
from Facebook

It was well deserved. Thank you for your brave & courageous service to this country.

Ethan Tweedie
from Facebook

Stream Global Services in Watertown will hire 300 new people this year:

If this keeps up, unemployment will be a thing of the past.

Todd McDonald
from email

Still waiting on a call from putting an application in.

Dan Anthony
from Facebook

Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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