Your Turn: Your Feedback On Hiring Freeze, Contractors & Jail


Production Unlimited has a freeze on hiring disabled workers because the federal government is no longer supporting these workshop settings:


Our daughter...has Down's Syndrome and is considered "legally blind". She works three days a week at PU.  Not everyone can go out into the community for employment.  As usual the government thinks it knows best!

Barbara Williams
from email

Proud of the government for once! It's unfair for these people to work and collect government disability benefits.

Dennis E Young Jr.
from Facebook

New York's attorney general cited 35 area contractors for violating state law:


I am one of the named contractors. I have worked with the AG to correct the practices that were cited. The problem is that the AG went after all of us who are highly visible and above board in the community. We are actually the good ones. There are all of the pickup truck contractors...that have "contracting business on the side and under the table" that also need oversight. I have no problem complying with the law...but go after everybody and make the playing field level.

David Knapp
from email

We've had several "reputable" contractors perform work for us and all have failed to complete their work on time, properly, or honor their warranties when the work was defective, forcing us to contact the Attorney General each time for assistance. This seems to be the norm rather than the exception in the north country.

John Bang
from email

Officials are trying to solve the overcrowding issue at the St. Lawrence County jail by considering alternatives to incarceration:


If every single thing in NYS wasn't illegal, it wouldn't have happened.

Dan LaBarge
from Facebook

What we should do is make them (inmates) pay for their stay.

Chris Liz McGrath
from Facebook

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