Your Turn: Your Feedback On Mercy, Dam & Retirement


Mercy of Northern New York has a one week reprieve from the state, which set September 23 as the new date for closing the facility:


This extra time, as little as it is, might be enough for an answer to materialize - one that will keep the residents closer to their families and the workers employed.

Colleen Grooms

Mercy is home to many people. I know because it has been home to my mother who has been on kidney dialysis for the last 9 years.  To close it will hurt many people.

Darlene Baslow

State officials say the Croghan Island Dam is so unsafe, the water level must be lowered. The move could put a historic mill in jeopardy because it relies solely on hydro power:


I have seen several Amish workshops that work the same way except they use one stationary diesel engine. This would be an option to using electricity or the hydro.

Gary Brown

Wouldn't you think they would prefer to help an authentically green business stay in operation by assisting in repairing structural issues rather than closing down a much loved local and national landmark?

Deb Schneeberger

Perhaps some kind of historical status could be arranged for the property.

Denise Bowen

If we lose the dam...the geese and ducks that use our river as a migration route in the spring and fall will leave. Our fire department will need to go further to fill tankers to fight local fires. Kayakers will not be floating down the river.

Doris Boliver

The head of the Watertown Urban Mission, Mary Morgan, announced she's retiring:


Mary will be a hard act to follow - a wonderful career of helping those who need it most.

Maureen Cean
via Facebook

Congratulations Mary.  Wish you the best always.

Peggy Clark Randall
via Facebook

Saturday, December 10, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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