Your Turn: Your Feedback On Mercy Takeover & Dead Moose


The state announced Watertown's Mercy Care Center is staying open and will soon be under the control of Samaritan Medical Center:

Thank God Samaritan is stepping up to the plate to give our senior citizens their home back.

Debbie Armstrong

SMC has succeeded in its long-running plan to bury or  reduce to rubble their competition.  Why not fight for...Mercy's quest for any grant monies. This whole mess just STINKS!

Stephany Worthington

Samaritan is doing the right thing for Mercy because otherwise where will all those senior citizens live?

Todd McDonald


A day after environmental officials rescued a moose from the water in Deferiet, the animal died:


It seems that every time the DEC gets involved in saving a moose it dies.

Robert Saiff

Could it be the amount of meds used in the tranquilizer or how about the fact that it was lifted out of there with only 1 strap around it?

JoAnn McDonald

If these moose that wander into inhabited areas, and consistently die from stress after being moved, perhaps the best solution is to shoot them and donate the meat to the needy.

Thomas Collins

We did all that we reasonably could for this moose without keeping it in captivity for an unnecessarily long period of time, which would certainly have complicated its return into nature.

Dr. Jacob Frier

Hopefully each event will provide a learning experience which will ultimately lead to a successful technique.

Christine Tillman

I applaud the efforts of DEC to rescue this animal and regret it was unsuccessful.

James Newell

My thoughts aren't just on the death of the poor moose, but what about the safety in general of anybody getting into the pond? Maybe the pond should be drained and checked and then better sealed.

Mark Fitzgerald

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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