Your Turn: Your Feedback On Narcan, Agent Orange & Teasing


Lawmakers want to put a drug called Narcan in the hands of Jefferson County sheriff's deputies. Narcan can save a person who overdoses on drugs:


This is a stupid idea. Leave it to the medical professionals. This is a *MEDICAL EMERGENCY* not a law enforcement issue.

James A. Lewis
from Facebook

They should be able to use this drug with the right training.

Richard Davis
from email

Can you imagine the lawsuits that could occur if there was a mistake or complication?

James Lucas
from Facebook

A north country native who died as a result of exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War will be remembered in Washington, D.C. Last week:


My father was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam and passed in 2007 of pancreatic cancer, as well. When he passed, the VA would not admit that pancreatic cancer was caused by Agent Orange exposure. It's nice to finally see some validation for these veterans!

Heidi England
from email

My dad was a Vietnam vet and was exposed as well to Agent Orange. in remission from cancer. Please thank a vet. They have been through hell and back.

Shannon Gilmore
from Facebook

A woman says teachers picked her son at school because of his Canadian heritage. She pulled him out of the school, which says it stands by the integrity of its staff:


I was sick when I heard this on TV. What a way to ruin a child's life at this age.

Anne Nelson
from email

What is there to make fun of anyway? That they take better care of their side of the river than we do? That they entered WWII before us?

Peter J. Graves
from Facebook

I believe it is important for individuals to learn how to take a joke as simply a joke, and not a personal insult that would cause them to become offended.

Philip Scott McIntosh
from Facebook

Knowing the pastor personally, I highly doubt that he would let this happen.

Amanda Craig
from email


Friday, December 2, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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