Your Turn: Your Feedback On Ortho Doctors & Fort Drum Noise


If you break a bone, there's a chance Samaritan Medical Center won't be able to treat you. That's because three orthopaedic surgeons will no longer care for certain patients:


Don't get sick or hurt here - you're doomed. No trauma care, no local helicopter transport, contract ER that no insurance covers.

Lisa Besaw

The doctors owe the community that has provided them with an excellent living some sort of an explanation.

David Kellogg

What seems to be the problem with SMC? They spent all that money making the hospital look pretty, but what about the care?

Sue Rudes

Dig a little more and give the people the whole story rather than just the hospital's obviously biased view.

Bruce Cerow

Ask the hospital if they would indemnify the doctors for all charges that are uncollectible? The docs wind up treating the uninsured and those on Medicaid.   All this for getting up at 3 a.m. and going in to the hospital. Can't blame the docs.

Eli Rapaoort

Many people heard a loud noise or felt their house shake last Tuesday. Fort Drum says it was a training exercise with a controlled detonation:


My 2 young girls were sleeping. My husband is out of town so when I heard the boom in my home, I completely panicked. The whole experience was incredibly scary for the three of us.

West Carthage

We thought it was a sonic boom or our kerosene tank exploding.

Charles & Jean Benson

I thought that there had been an explosive accident on the interstate.

Annette Thompson
Town of Brownville

I live in Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada, and was startled by a loud rumble.  I'm glad to have the mystery cleared up!

Ruth Ralph

I think the weather conditions - the fog - kept the sound waves close to the ground - allowing the "boom" to be heard for so great a distance.

Lawrence Corbett


Friday, December 2, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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