Your Turn: Your Feedback On Refugees, Shared Work & Heroes


Illegal immigrant children from Central and South America could be housed at Fort Drum. Most of your feedback this week is about that:


DON'T HOUSE THEM AT FORT DRUM.  We are already spending too much for them to freeload.

Allen Oakes

We CAN afford to be the saving grace to the world; we are rich beyond people's imagination.

Samantha Smith

Thousands carry head lice, leprosy, tuberculosis and hepatitis A, B, and C. I am not willing to expose my kids and my family to that.

Rick Rios

Do you seriously think that these children would be brought here without being vaccinated and treated for any existing problems?

Barbara Kennerly Parks

How can we possibly be doing these children a favor when it is so obvious to anyone in healthcare in the north country that there are not enough services for our children.

Susan Schofell

I'd prefer my tax dollars went to help them than the generational welfare bums who milk the system.

Gina Hurteau

Through a state program called Shared Work, some employees at the Convergys call center in Watertown are able to keep their jobs by working fewer hours and collecting some unemployment:


So, is this to save jobs or to save giving full time benefits?

Megan Gilbert

Paying them for 2 days at regular pay & the rest as unemployment at about less than half what they earn is just going to put more people on benefits.

Angela Conlin

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department presented lifesaver awards to three soldiers who rescued a woman from the Black River:


Great job men and thanks for serving.

Candace Antonelli

So happy to see a positive story about our local soldiers!

Christine A Colon

Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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