Your Turn: Your Feedback On Smith, Hillary & Lightning Strike


A Jefferson County jury found Willie Smith III guilty of beating his infant son. The baby suffered a number of serious injuries. Smith faces ten to 25 years in prison:


He should be getting way more time than ten to 25 years.

Amber Stanley

I've known him for a VERY long time.  I wholeheartedly believe that he did not do it.

Natosha McCrae

Accused killer Oral "Nick" Hillary was released from jail last week. A St. Lawrence County Court judge let Hillary out if he posted $150,000 bond and agreed to a number of conditions. Hillary is accused of murdering a 12 year old Potsdam boy:


Even with all the restrictions the judge puts on him, I still think he is a flight risk.

Ronald Schofell

I believe innocent until proven guilty.

Randi Williams

With their own superintendent retiring next month, Lyme Central School officials are exploring sharing General Brown's for a year while they look for a replacement:


A superintendent needs to be dedicated to their specific district. In emergency cases, how is a superintendent supposed to be in two places?

Matthew Denney

It's about time consolidation of services be considered, and sharing a superintendent is a good start. Efficient and money saving.

Paula Weal

I don't like it. This person is going to be too busy to run both.

Rick Hart

All schools should do this!

Krista Carrow

A Michigan man survived after apparently being struck by lightning in St. Lawrence County.  Christopher Church had been camping with his family at Coles Creek State Park in Waddington:


He is very lucky!

Sarah Mata

That just proves that you should NEVER be outside during a thunderstorm!

Todd McDonald

Sunday, December 11, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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