Your Turn: Your Feedback On Smoking Ban, Flag & Odd Light


A new law forbids smoking and the use of tobacco products on St. Lawrence County property - even in a person's private car:


Until they start making my car payment, they cannot tell me what I can do in it. That part of the law is simply stupid.

Barbara Bryant
from email

If there is no smoking on any county property including your personal property, does this also include our county roadways, as they are the county's property also?

Robert Thompson
from email

This a good law. The rights and safety of non-smokers need to be respected.

Will Copeland
from email

A former soldier is back to flying an American flag upside down outside her Copenhagen home. She is once again sending a message that she disapproves of President Obama:


So someone wants attention...again.

Peggy Bevz Nuñez
from Facebook

She is a disgrace to the armed forces she just got out of.

Russell Groff
from email

She served our country so if she chooses to express her displeasure with something, she has earned that right.

Jim Graves
from Facebook

What disturbs me is that no one says a word to those who fly our flag day and night, tattered beyond repair.

Shirley Wilmer-Frye
from email

A Watertown couple saw this green light one night while driving in the town of LeRay. Fort Drum says it knows nothing about it, so we asked what you think it was:


My wife and I saw this.  I had no idea what it was.

Justin Bristol
from email

A drone that was flying overhead and they shut it off when they saw you were watching them.

Scott Tuttle
from Facebook

I bet it is one of those bright, star pointer laser lights.

Nate Lundquist
from Facebook

The aliens have landed.

Andrew Delsanto
from Facebook

Saturday, December 10, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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