Your Turn: Your Feedback On Vandalism, Commissaries & Winter


A married gay couple in Ogdensburg is living in fear after being repeatedly targeted by vandals. The men say they're the victims of a hate crime and it's getting worse. Since 2008, they say their house has been egged, tires have been slashed on their parked vehicles and more recently the violence has escalated to windows being shot out with a BB gun:


Hope these guys get justice soon because nobody should have to live in fear like this.

Tammy Angel

Ignorance and narrow minded cowards drive this behavior.

Joanne White Dumers

Don't wait for the cops. Get your own security cameras, a loud dog and continue living your lives without giving in to the cowardly bullies.

Celicia Robbins

You can add cuts to funding for military commissaries to the list of things that would take a hit if Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel gets his way.  Through commissaries, active military and veterans can save about 30 percent on many name brand items. That could change under the Pentagon's proposed budget:


That's where I do 90% of my shopping. My husband is doing what others won't do and we are the ones losing benefits! Nice.

Jessica St Thomas

If prices are raised, there is no point in even having a commissary.

Kathy Manning

If you're sick and tired of all the snow, you're not alone. This bitter winter is starting to have a bitter effect on many residents. We asked if you're fed up:


Very happy this is my last winter. I will be in Georgia next winter.

Laura Leisner Lenander

I am TRYING to think positive. Just think of how much we will all appreciate the first crocus this year!

Danna Moles

We better have an extra long & warm summer.

Carol Lutz


Saturday, December 10, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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