Your Turn: Your Feedback On Mosque, Doheny & Wind Moratorium


The environmental group Save the River is calling for a three year moratorium on wind power development along the St. Lawrence River:


After years of examining the base of windmills in central NY I find very few if any birds or bats there that have been killed.

Charles Stearns

The grandmother of a north country man killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks says an Islamic mosque and community center should not be built near Ground Zero.  We asked for your thoughts on the controversy:


What a slap in the face!! I think that to even suggest such a thing is unthinkable!

Gert Gebo

This to me is almost as bad as 9/11 itself as it shows they have no respect for those their brotherhood killed that day.

Bill Shaw

There must be many other places in NYC where one could build a mosque.

Karen Morgan

Heck, while we're at it, why don't we build a Japanese Embassy "NEAR" Pearl Harbor?

Nicole Sixberry

What a small small minded world we live in!

Elizabeth Pier

There are many good American people who practice Islam and who also serve in our armed forces. The criminals who attacked on 9/11 were extreme Islamic radical fundamentalists. They did not represent the Islamic faith.

Mark Forsyth

Republican Congressional candidate Matt Doheny says he's 'deeply sorry' for two boating under the influence charges in 2004:


Just another attempt by WWNY to drag mud on someone's past. I for one will definitely vote for Matt now.

Al Honeywell

We all make mistakes in our life and these charges should not disqualify anyone from holding public office.

Phillip Burnett

Sounds like another perfect Republican.  No character.

Scott Hirst

This does make one wonder what other sorts of illegal practices he might feel entitled to as a public servant.

Tracey Hallsworth



Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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